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Rural and Residential Property

Mal Walker has been selling rural and residential property for 30 years. It all begun when he was an enthusiastic Rural Property, property consultants, Outback, QLDstock and property salesman at Churchhill (Ipswich) in 1979 when he started work for Primac; he still possesses the same enthusiasm for the industry today. Mal is continually updating his industry knowledge so his clients and prospective customers have the best possible knowledge available to them.


  • Assist in the sale of your property
  • Assist in the purchase of your property
  • CMA (Current Market Analysis)
  • Lease property
  • Agistment

Livestock Sales & Purchases ... Sheep and Cattle Assessor

Mal Walker was raised on the land so he understands the importance of an honest agent that is willing to get the best Brahmin, Livestock, Cattleresults for his clients. Mal has up to date knowledge of stocking rates and pasture over a large and diverse region. Mal is a dual sheep and cattle assessor for Auction plus and is also nutritional edge and stocktake qualified. Mal will ensure that you get the most out of your livestock.


  • Assist in the sale of your livestock
  • Assist in the purchase of livestock
  • Auction plus
  • Feedlots
  • Abattoirs
  • Futures trading
Rutal Property, Outback Australia

Achieve, identify and meet needs in the rural community....

Mal Walker has been servicing the needs of the rural community with a high level of professionalism. In building an agency presence in the area, a stronger focus can be achieved on identifying and meeting your needs.

Mal Walker & Co goes beyond normal service and works with you.
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